Nobody Beats Walt's Meat!!


Our Beef

Walt's Meat Market carries Halperns Angus Beef which comes from a single-source out of Greeley, Colorado.  Having one source ensures an unprecedented level of consistency.  Angus cattle are known for their superior marbling.  Halperns' takes this quality to new levels of flavor by offering meat only from cattle that meet strict product specifications at the grading level.  Cuts that achieve the specifications of a cerified program provide the best opportunity to bring delicious steak to the table every time.

Halperns' Angus cattle are raised on a Midwest corn diet, hand-selected, and must meet the 10 specifications listed on the USDA guidelines.  Only one in every 10 cattle meet these specifications, and each is USDA certified.  

Because Walt's starts with the best beef from a single-source program, you, our valued customer, can count on excellent results.  

Angus is a top choice for diners, and Walt's is pleased to offer Angus deserving of the Halperns' name and worthy of a place on your table.